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chandigarh life

Chandigarh is the first city planned to build after independence. Chandigarh’s life is the happiest and cleanest one among living in other places. It is known as garden of rocks and bangles. It preserves nature and also regarded as the epitome of modernization. It is an experience of bliss when you get to feel the beauty and serenity of the city.

There are many aspects that elites the heavenly bliss of living in Chandigarh.

chandigarh life

Education: The town is pleased with its remarkable education opportunities, including Punjab University, which was ranked as the No. 1 University of India by the Education World University Rankings.

Medical Facilities: The townhouses have a number of the simplest multi-specialty hospitals, including Apollo Hospital, Max Hospital, Healing Hospital, Fortis Hospital, and lots of others.

Parks and Gardens: The natural great thing about the town is embodied within the sort of parks and gardens. Each block has its garden with fountains and swings. Musical Fountains in the gardens do attract both elders and kids.

Safe Nightlife: Nightlife within the city is sort of safe for everybody, especially girls, because of the Chandigarh Police. Party nights are often safely spent at discos and pubs located in Sector 8, 26, and 35.

Traffic Management: The main priority for the traffic police is the safety of the public. They are appreciated for the works and are perfect in their duty. It is hard to get a look of someone without a helmet on a two-wheeler, or without a safety belt on a four-wheeler. The rate within the city is incredibly lows.

Transportation: Chandigarh is connected with the surrounding areas such as Mohali, Panchkula which makes traveling easy for people. Occupying the utmost number of vehicles in the town has two Inter State Bus Terminals located in Sector 43 and 17. Besides roadways, railway connectivity and airports also are convenient means of travel. Chandigarh Railways falls under the Northern Railway Zone, and therefore the city’s airport is additionally a serious hub for commercial business.

Smoke-Free City: The survey conducted in 2007 has given first place to Chandigarh because of the most smoke-free city in India. It is thanks to the success of the Smoke-Free Chandigarh project conducted by the local authorities.

Conclusion These are aspects that prove that Chandigarh’s life is peaceful and pleasant. Once in a lifetime it is advisable to enjoy the lifestyle of Chandigarh and adore the scenarios.

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