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Science and Psychology believe that the human brain processes visual content much more as compared to the contextual content. And this has been proven in the business industry as well when researches have revealed that more than 60% of conversion rates were possible only because of relevant videos. According to Hubspot, the research states that around 81% of businesses today make the use of video as a marketing tool. To further drill down, the report shows around 78% of viewers watch online videos every week and out of which 55% are those who watch on a daily basis. These numbers are indeed an eye-opener for the marketing companies. Video is crucial to the content strategy as it is short, memorable, measurable and highly engaging.Videos can clearly solve these complex promotion needs and can help to share stories and inspire marketing-specific actions. The best digital marketing Agency in Mohali have shifted their focus to include video into their marketing strategies and build customer rapport, promote and build brand identities for businesses.

Here are the major benefits, why you should invest in Video Marketing.

Why should I invest in Video Marketing?

Target Audience Reach – Today, people love to watch videos and this has been made possible only because of the internet and modern communication technologies. Several surveys have revealed that customers prefer to watch a video about a company rather than reading about it. High-quality videos can watch be watched infinite times irrespective of the time or location of the consumer. Videos are the best medium to engage customers with the product and services of a business. Based on the type of video (how-to, explainer, webinar, live session and etc) the specific target reach gets improved.

Improved Social Presence – Almost everyone is on social media and marketing experts have are already utilizing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc for promoting and building brands. While the presence of short videos over the last few years have increased tremendously. Especially, with TikTok becoming popular, the entertainment industry has become more challenging. While an experienced promoter would definitely find ways to build relationships and solid brand reputation using these platforms.

Higher Return on Investment – ROI is the measure which practically exposes the progress of any marketing strategy. As per the surveys, more than 50% increase in the ROI has been recorded by video marketing. Initial efforts are required to build a great video but the returns are far more than the investment. The one-time investment can provide a constant revenue to the business. There are several ways to gain higher returns from video marketing. One can earn from embedded advertisements in a video, or targeting the mobile audience (as more than 60% of consumers watch videos on mobile).

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